Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Blog

Just when I think I'm smooth sailing the wind seems to stop blowing and I get stuck on a hidden sandbar. I had created emails for my daughters to stay in contact with friends and family and doing so I created a monstrous problem. Some how my daughter's email became attached to my website and no matter what I tried I could not remove her email from my blog. I eventually deleted her email account and doing so I lost all availability of signing into mystampaddiction blog. So here I am pulling my hair out of my head, stressed to the bone as to what I am going to do now. In a few short days I will have my new stamp with my name and blog address on it and wont be able to use it because I no longer am able to sign into that blog. After waving my white flag in the air I decided to just create a new blog. I was hoping to create the blog name as stampaddiction so when my new stamp arrives I could just cut off the "my". But OH NO that would make my life just a tinsy bit easier. It would not allow me to do that. So here we are with a new blog. I hope you all will find it in your heart to forgive me for causing so much confusion and still come and visit me here at
Thank you.